Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Photo Frenzy

Ammar has aquired a new hobby. He just love snapping pictures and here are a few of his master pieces for display. Of course mommy is 'thrill' and dad says let him explore...he has so many things to discover. It seems that mommy's phone will be on loan untill the novelty wears off...and of course mama's friends will get updates from Ammar every now and then; messages, calls...whatever it might be...;o)

the willing models

little assignment at mama's workplace

favorite show

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Technology Savvy

Some people say it's good to expose your children to IT at the early age so that they won't face problems later on. In my case I think I don't really have to expose my 4 year old son to those things because he himself shows an ardent interest in exploring things. Dad's phone has been his favorite toys and the father is very surprise when he realizes that his son managed to operate his phone without supervision. Ammar now has his own lap top, a present from dad so that he could 'work' side by side with dad. As the novelty of the computer wears off he now revert to his old hobby - play with the phone but this time my phone. Now he likes to snap photos using the phone camera and my oh my... he snaps photos of almost everything! Tonight I discover that he has extended his skills to writing message...well I should have expected this to happen knowing him and his little adventures! Just recently around 7 p.m my phone was screaming madly signaling the incoming messages continuously one after another. Everybody was asking about the mysterious message that they got including my EX BOSS. Right after that my mother in law called to check if everything is ok...(so she got the message too).When I checked the phone it seemed like my son had scribbled his ‘hello’ and sent the message to ALL people in the phone book. No wonder!So I had to write an apology to everyone and everybody and later was laughing madly reading all the replies. My friend said it’s very cute and I was about to agree with her but decided to change my mind when I read the last message…well my beloved son had SUBSCRIBED God knows what via the phone and I got a thank you message for that plus the RM5 charges. Yeah...very creative indeed!