Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nature's Wonder

When my little baby has cough and runny nose it turns nasty due to his narrow airways. It is clogged with phlegm that makes him difficult to breathe. When I took him to the clinic, the doctor said there’s nothing much that could be done since my baby is born premature and still underweight. Since choices of medication are very limited Rameen has to take nebulizer for at least three days in a row and see how the progress goes. If the cough is getting worse then he has to be admitted for suction. He would suffer this every time he has cough and flu. I am so grateful that I’m blessed with kind people around me. My elder son's teacher has suggested that I use traditional Indian remedies to reduce the cough and lessen the phlegm. It’s the cedar leaves – I don’t know what it is called in Malay. It’s very useful and I think it’s good if I can share it. The trick is to apply some ‘vicks’ on the surface of the leaf and heat it on flame for a minute or two then carefully placed the leaf on the baby’s back and chest especially near the lungs. It is believed that the leaves absorb the phlegm and make the baby feel better. She also intoduces me to a very good baby sitter. She helps me a lot in taking care of the baby and continue to do the chores of applying the leaves– well I guess this is a bonus when you send the child to a baby sitter compared to a day care center. I've tried this for a couple of days and miraculously when I took Rameen for check up the doctor aborted the idea of getting him warded.

Now my baby is suffering from the same problem again and with the aggressive outbreak of h1n1 in these days it really worries me.The fact that he’s not yet completed the vaccination is really terrifying because there’s a high risk of him getting h1n1.Frankly speaking the idea of going near the hospital is not really appealing because I know that my son could be exposed to all sorts of illnesses especially the influenza A. Again it's the baby sitter who reminds me about cedar leaves which I almost forgotten about it. So during these few days apart from daily visit to the clinic for nebulizer I applied the leaves twice. Hopefully my son will get better soon. It tearing my heart every time I hear him coughing.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Photo Frenzy

Ammar has aquired a new hobby. He just love snapping pictures and here are a few of his master pieces for display. Of course mommy is 'thrill' and dad says let him explore...he has so many things to discover. It seems that mommy's phone will be on loan untill the novelty wears off...and of course mama's friends will get updates from Ammar every now and then; messages, calls...whatever it might be...;o)

the willing models

little assignment at mama's workplace

favorite show

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Technology Savvy

Some people say it's good to expose your children to IT at the early age so that they won't face problems later on. In my case I think I don't really have to expose my 4 year old son to those things because he himself shows an ardent interest in exploring things. Dad's phone has been his favorite toys and the father is very surprise when he realizes that his son managed to operate his phone without supervision. Ammar now has his own lap top, a present from dad so that he could 'work' side by side with dad. As the novelty of the computer wears off he now revert to his old hobby - play with the phone but this time my phone. Now he likes to snap photos using the phone camera and my oh my... he snaps photos of almost everything! Tonight I discover that he has extended his skills to writing message...well I should have expected this to happen knowing him and his little adventures! Just recently around 7 p.m my phone was screaming madly signaling the incoming messages continuously one after another. Everybody was asking about the mysterious message that they got including my EX BOSS. Right after that my mother in law called to check if everything is ok...(so she got the message too).When I checked the phone it seemed like my son had scribbled his ‘hello’ and sent the message to ALL people in the phone book. No wonder!So I had to write an apology to everyone and everybody and later was laughing madly reading all the replies. My friend said it’s very cute and I was about to agree with her but decided to change my mind when I read the last message…well my beloved son had SUBSCRIBED God knows what via the phone and I got a thank you message for that plus the RM5 charges. Yeah...very creative indeed!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Latest Addition to the Family

Finally the baby has arrived...born at 34 weeks ,1 month early like his brother. Doctor said the next child would also be early - if there's a next one...;0P-, so when I'm approaching 30 weeks I better get everything ready and start packing. Oh..forget about the private hospitals because none would accept me as I'd have high risk case/cases so I should book a room at any government hospital for at least 3 weeks. So, here's the little fella...he's now two months and he's already smiling and gurgling every now and then.Only now I managed to upload Rameen's pictures. Most people say that he looks just like his brother and he's more Kudin than Ammar. Well, nampak gayanya mama dapat sakit ngan penat la yang banyak...rupa semua boleh dadad. May be later if we have a girl she will look just like me.

Ammar sayang adik, tapi kekadang tu dengki jugak. Dah kena hempap ngan botol susu, ketuk kepala, baring atas dada...sume dah kenakan adik. Now apa yang dadad buat kat adik mesti kena buat kat dia sama. kalu tak mula la keluarkan ayat-ayat kesian dia..."takde sapa pun yang sayangkan saya" @ "takde sapepun yang pedulikan saya"

Friday, April 17, 2009

Got Answer for This?

This scenario just happened and it was really eating me up. If you read this perhaps you have answer for this:

Me: Kedai makan kat depan tu bukak tak?
Him: Tah, tak perasan...macam tak bukak je rasanya.Kenapa ada nak suruh beli apa-apa ke?
Me: Hmmm...ingat nak mintak tolong beli nasi goreng
Him: Rasa malas la nak keluar.
Me: Tak pe la kalau gitu, sebab ammar belum makan lagi. abg uda balik lambat
Him: Boleh la kalau nak suruh beli....

Mama...asu dah beli dah nasi goreng...
so i went down and saw that he was feeding my son

Me: take pe la, biar akak suap
Him: mintak sikit nasi tu boleh tak...
Me: tak makan lagi ke? kitaorang belum makan lagi sebenarnya
Him: kenapa tak beli dua tadi?
Me: ingat nak share je ngan ammar
Him: tak ple la...bagi la sikit
so i gave him a portion in a plate he brought to me. When he was done he put the plate in the sink. I waited for him to wash it but he just left it there...ok may be he would do it later...When my son and I finished eating the plate was still there in the sink so I washed it. Suddenly a voice behind me said

tu maggie kat dalam almari tu boleh masak tak?
It was 12.30 in the middle of the night, i deliberately twist his words and said tu abg uda punya...masakla kalu nak.

This is not the first time those things happen and I know it won't be the last. I'm used to see clatters of unwashed plates and mugs on the dining table or in the sink. Tu belum masuk botol /tin minuman kosong dalam fridge, foodwrappers on the dining table...Bukan tak boleh nak basuh atau kemas tapi I pun penat jugak kalau selalu macam ni. I'm not a fulltime housewife who could focus only on the house chores. Sometimes kalu dah penat sangat I tinggal je ,tapi bila hubby nampak terus je kena serang...kenapa tak basuh/bersihkan? when I told him itu bukan I yang buat pun kena jugak..."takkan itu pun tak boleh tolong buat, rumah ni rumah sapa...rumah you jugakkan." Memang kalau cakap dengan dia pasal ni mesti gaduh...balik-balik I yang salah. Malas nak gaduh-gaduh I keep everything all to myself. Tapi lama-lama tak tahan dah...boleh gila I nanti. So you have anything to say about this?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One Day With A Maid

It has been ages since last time I wrote here. Well the pregnancy made me too lazy too write plus all the complications that came with it. So now the is ordeal over and I'm up to write alot of catching up to do. Actually I want to write about something else but reading a friend's blog has prompted me to write about the problem I'm facing with right now...It's my MAID. For the record I just picked her up last Sunday and she was so excited to get started to work. Later her enthusiasm was slowly fading out and she started to twist her ankle every now and then. Last night at dinner time she told my husband that she wanted to go back to Indon to cure her broken leg. she forgot to tell the agent that she got a broken leg, and came to Malaysia thinking that everything would be ok. Who knows suddenly the leg is throbbing and she fesls numb. I called the agent telling her the problem and she had a private chat with the maid but she insisted to go back to Indon. Today while cooking I had a little chat with her, asking her about her background etc. I told her if she go back I cannot afford to wait for her bcoz i need a maid urgently and promise to send her this evening. Her face automatically lift up and she suddenly become chatty. Tonight when hubby called and tell me that we would send her tomorrow so we could get a replacement, she suddenly limping, telling me that her leg is aching. She refused to eat and locked hersel in the bedroom. That's it! Enough is enough! tomorrow I'm going to send her packing before I got anymore problem. It's very clear that she doesn't want to work and there's no point keepin her. what a terrible first encounter with a maid. May be I myself should be the maid afterall.