Sunday, April 19, 2009

Latest Addition to the Family

Finally the baby has arrived...born at 34 weeks ,1 month early like his brother. Doctor said the next child would also be early - if there's a next one...;0P-, so when I'm approaching 30 weeks I better get everything ready and start packing. Oh..forget about the private hospitals because none would accept me as I'd have high risk case/cases so I should book a room at any government hospital for at least 3 weeks. So, here's the little fella...he's now two months and he's already smiling and gurgling every now and then.Only now I managed to upload Rameen's pictures. Most people say that he looks just like his brother and he's more Kudin than Ammar. Well, nampak gayanya mama dapat sakit ngan penat la yang banyak...rupa semua boleh dadad. May be later if we have a girl she will look just like me.

Ammar sayang adik, tapi kekadang tu dengki jugak. Dah kena hempap ngan botol susu, ketuk kepala, baring atas dada...sume dah kenakan adik. Now apa yang dadad buat kat adik mesti kena buat kat dia sama. kalu tak mula la keluarkan ayat-ayat kesian dia..."takde sapa pun yang sayangkan saya" @ "takde sapepun yang pedulikan saya"

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