Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Scary Story

Ammar masa kecik...bukan senang nak dapat sampai besar cam sekarang...
The raya fever has taken to its full swing and everywhere people are frenzied with the last minutes preparation. Since it’s going to be a long holiday most of the city dwellers take this opportunity to go back to their home town on Saturday. Hubby said we better avoid balik kampung on that day or else we’ll be stuck in the sea of cars and he really hates the slow moving traffics. Last night after a painstaking labor of spring cleaning my house hubby took us to OU for Iftar and a little bit of last minute shopping after that. Thinking that most people have gone back to their kampung we didn’t bother to make a reservation at any of the restaurant…hubby said there’ll be plenty of eating places to choose with…ya right! So much for his thoughtfulness we ended up buka puasa with only apple juice and egg tarts at the staircase near the food court…(ramai yang join after that couldn’t find any vacant restaurant, not even a single seat at the food court for that matter) . Ammar was screaming for rice and I felt guilty because I had to make him wait. I was close to tears when one lady gave him some keropok….she said kesian budak…dia nak makan! God I felt like I was the lousiest mother on Earth! Thank God hubby managed to find a vacant seat at Laksa Shack after that. It was very ironic because right after we had our dinner the place looked empty. Where was the sea of people that we saw earlier? Hubby said this was a great chance for us to browse around the shops since they were less crowded. Again as if that were the magic words tons of people suddenly appeared out of no where. I tighten my hold of Ammar since he was excitedly running around. Mungkin Tuhan nak uji, Ammar tiba-tiba jerked free from me and ran. I tried to catch him but I was no match of him. Punya la cari tapi tak jumpa. Panic started to creep in me so I called hubby cakap Ammar hilang. Masa tu dah macam orang gila ke hulu ke hilir cari anak. Dalam hati mula terfikir yang bukan-bukan…dah jadi Yin la anak aku! Dalam panick-stricken situation tu tiba-tiba I saw him . punya la lega…tapi anak aku tu langsung tak heran, tak rasa pun yang dia hilang. Dah tu bersenang lenang looking around siap lari lagi bila nampak mama dia! When I told hubby anak dah jumpa terus dia datang dan pap!pap! kena la dua tiga kali! I was so shocked sampai jadi lembik…nak pitam. So balik gitu je la…dalam kereta asyik doa jangan jadi apa-apa kat baby dalam perut ni. Kang hilang anak sorang lagi pulak! Ini lah kisah raya paling ngeri yang akan diingat sampai bila-bila!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Keretaku sayang, tuanmu malang...

As raya is just around the corner kudin decided to make en early preparation to avoid last minutes jobs. So he took the car for service and since it was a major service it left quite a big whole in his bank account. As I want a hassel free journey to my kampung...he...he I don't reallymind about it. When he picked me up from school yesterday he suddenly voiced that the tyres were badly botak.'s a high time we change them. again sebab nakkan a smooth journey to kampungku tercinta I agreed and infact agreed to contribute my newly acquired bonus to top up the cost. After a few hours of waiting finally the tokey said, bos sudah siap...kasi test drive dulu ha....there goes my RM700, campur tolak service dah jadi RM 1000+++. Termenung gak kejap pikirkan duit habis kat situ je. nak dijadikan cerita, baru je keluar kedai, baru kat simpang jalan suddenly we heard a weird sound, and kudin suspected there must be something wrong with the tyres. Yup....angin tayar belakang dah keluar, ingat nak jalan depan sikit nak parking tepi tapi ada satu lagi bungi yang sungguh menyakitkan telinga...nut dah keluar! So Kudin called the shop and the worker had to change to a spare tyre. We drove back to the shop fully ecpected the owner to compensate it with a new one. After the long inspection the owner dropped the bombshell...bos...ada batu tajam sudah kenalu punya tayar...tada apa ini boleh tampal punya...! what???tampal???no new tyre? macam nak meroyan rasa! tak sampai 24 jam pun, tak sampai rumah pun lagi...dah kena tampal, apa ni....BENCI!BENCI!BENCI! (300 ribu juta 800 ratus kali) Sakit nya hati...tapi yang lebih sakit hati sebab tak boleh nak marah kat sapa-sapa...kudin cakap takpela mungkin ada hikamah...sejuk la sikit...tapi tak lama sebab ayat sambungan selepas tu kedekut sangat duit you! tu la lain kali jangan nak berkira! Eh...ini statement yang boleh mengundang letupan gunung berapi...mau tak!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Reunion

masing-masing cuba cari angle yang tak nampak tembam, tapi apakan daya

Last Saturday while resting, a friend of mine called spilling the news of our the one we had last year...which due in the next few hours time ( she was supposed to tell us earlier but she forgot all about it) it was already 2.30 pm and I was supposed to meet my friends for Iftar at Kg. Pandan (one of the KTR members has a restaurant there). I was clueless of the meeting place nor I have a single idea about the plans and arrangement made for us. Luckily hubby was free that day so at 6.00 pm we went to Damansara Perdana to fetch my friend before heading to Kg. Pandan. Actually it was supposed to be a fixed event for KTR members to have iftar cum reunion every year, so we better pencil it after this. We had so much to cacth up so most of us barely ate our dinner since everybody was so busy talking and asking questions to each other. Around 11 we adjourn to Tarbush for coffee...not so much for the coffee actually, but we need a suitable place to continue our borak without raising glances from other can imagine the noise and the la setaun sekali baru jumpa though most of us stay around Kl...tapi payah nak jumpa! Ammar memak lemak la sebab ramai yang melayan, kira he's the only anak sedara..yang lain tak bawak anak and ada yang still single. This year they all nak tukar plan (yang banyak sangat tu tapi tak jadi). Instead of jumpa masa buka puasa they want to have a gathering during hari raya, and my house is the lucky no 1. Tak pe la makcik tak kisah...seronok jugak to have my friends kumpul ramai-ramai lepak at my place. taun-taun sudah ramai kawan kudin je! since i am ecpexting my second child, they suggested to do a pot luck. i said ok if they want to bring food but they don't really have to. I can fix that all for them. He..he...terpedaya jugak korang! ingat mak cik gagah perkasa ke nak buat semua. Gunakan segala kemudahan yang ada, banyak tempat yang boleh terima cakap je nak makan apa! evrything's on the house...;op

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How I Wish...

Ramadhan has finally arrived. As this is a blessed month for Muslims I can say that it is welcomed with joy and anticipation by all. (in fact hubby wants to name our child Ramadhaniah, if it’s a girl…ekk…:o\) Apart from fulfilling our duties of fasting, Ramadhan is also renowned for its festivities. Pasar Ramadhan with the arrays and assortment of colorful dishes, the shiny, twinkling baju raya…and the endless list of goodies intended for the hari raya…everyday is a celebration. My workplace pun tidak terkecuali. Every day you hear people talking about cooking dishes for buka puasa and sahur, exchanging recipes and sharing the famous recipe turun temurun nenek moyang masing-masing. And recently one of my friends has started beading…though she said it’s only for children to me it’s really a tremendous task. It’ll take a lot of effort and dedication. Hmm… how nice dapat masak untuk family, dapat buat semua, but my condition won’t allow me to do such things (though I doubt I’ll do it all…beading?? He..he.. must be kidding!!). Dapat bangun bawak diri pun dah kira bagus. Kesian gak kat Ammar, since I got pregnant dia dah jadi anak terbiar. Mama asyik baring, sakit kepala, tak boleh nak layan. Sampai at one time dia suruh mama ‘muntah’ adik cepat. Kekadang tu dia suruh mama makan ubat so takde la adik..mama pun tak sakit perut lagi. Sian plak…I just wish that this headaches and nausea would go away so that I can live like a normal person. Tapi baru-baru ni things are getting better, so I managed to cook simple dish for hubby. Bosan gak beli food kat luar…actually I don’t know what to eat, in fact I can’t even think about food, sakit kepala…loya! Yesterday a friend ajar masak kuih traditional – kuih Khasidah (I’ve been searching everywhere tapi tak jumpa, boleh dapat kat utara je)…my favorite. So gave it a try and yahoo…jadi! Past la untuk tekak sendiri dan Ammar. Hubby cakap ok…boleh tahan. Berkobar-kobar rasa nak masak bila dia cakap “heran ye kenapa you masak sedap sekarang ni?” Baru je nak kembang lubang hidung tapi ayat seterusnya mematikan niat untuk mencuba resipi yang lain-lain…"Ke sebab bulan puasa, bila lapar je semua sedap!” Apa- papa je lah, janji bila masak habis licin dia kebas. Hari ni ingat nak buat spaghetti je lah. Itu confirm sedapkan??? Hmm…nampaknya setahun lagi la baru dapat jadi orang ‘normal’…