Monday, September 15, 2008

The Reunion

masing-masing cuba cari angle yang tak nampak tembam, tapi apakan daya

Last Saturday while resting, a friend of mine called spilling the news of our the one we had last year...which due in the next few hours time ( she was supposed to tell us earlier but she forgot all about it) it was already 2.30 pm and I was supposed to meet my friends for Iftar at Kg. Pandan (one of the KTR members has a restaurant there). I was clueless of the meeting place nor I have a single idea about the plans and arrangement made for us. Luckily hubby was free that day so at 6.00 pm we went to Damansara Perdana to fetch my friend before heading to Kg. Pandan. Actually it was supposed to be a fixed event for KTR members to have iftar cum reunion every year, so we better pencil it after this. We had so much to cacth up so most of us barely ate our dinner since everybody was so busy talking and asking questions to each other. Around 11 we adjourn to Tarbush for coffee...not so much for the coffee actually, but we need a suitable place to continue our borak without raising glances from other can imagine the noise and the la setaun sekali baru jumpa though most of us stay around Kl...tapi payah nak jumpa! Ammar memak lemak la sebab ramai yang melayan, kira he's the only anak sedara..yang lain tak bawak anak and ada yang still single. This year they all nak tukar plan (yang banyak sangat tu tapi tak jadi). Instead of jumpa masa buka puasa they want to have a gathering during hari raya, and my house is the lucky no 1. Tak pe la makcik tak kisah...seronok jugak to have my friends kumpul ramai-ramai lepak at my place. taun-taun sudah ramai kawan kudin je! since i am ecpexting my second child, they suggested to do a pot luck. i said ok if they want to bring food but they don't really have to. I can fix that all for them. He..he...terpedaya jugak korang! ingat mak cik gagah perkasa ke nak buat semua. Gunakan segala kemudahan yang ada, banyak tempat yang boleh terima cakap je nak makan apa! evrything's on the house...;op

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