Monday, January 24, 2011

Help Me Be Good

Last night before reading bedtime story to my kids I had a little chat with my elder son about his school. He was so excited telling me about his friends and teachers when suddenly he fed me with this bit of information ; ”Cikgu cakap kalau kita tipu nanti Tuhan akan hantar surat kat ular suruh ular tu masuk dalam rumah dan patuk kita…” I don’t know whether the teacher did say that or he just made up stories, but I was quite annoyed when I heard the statement. I understand the good intention of the teacher but I do feel that it should be done in a proper manner so the kid won’t get the wrong idea. I remembered the book about lying and decided to read the book instead of the usual stories. I bought this set form Grolier since I was 6 month pregnant with my first child. Though it’s a bit pricey I thought of it as an investment for my child. Now after 7 years I found that this series about help me be good is really handy when it comes to instilling values to your kid at least in my case. During the reading session I gave him a few examples, much simpler ones so that he can relate them to his daily life situations. In between of the few pauses of reading and explaining my son keep asking questions and he also provides his own examples. When I gave example about breaking a vase and throw it in the dustbin is also a form of lying, suddenly he interrupted with few strange questions…vase yg macam pasu mama tu ke? Macam mana mommy dia tahu dah pecah? Bila dia tengok kat tepi dan belakang pasu tu ek…? Hmmm…something is not right somewhere…so I said to him by throwing the broken vase the girl actually has made two mistakes…1) breaking the vase, 2) by telling lies to her mother…so when you make mistake the best thing to do is to say sorry. He was quiet after I finished reading. Just right after I switch off the light I heard him mumbling his apologies under the blanket – Ammar tak tipu pasal pasu mama, Ammar dah cakap sorry pasal pasu yg rosak tu…sorry mama…so that confirmed my suspicion about the weird questions. I praised him for being a good boy nonetheless and deep down inside I know that somehow I managed to instill good value in him.

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Chapter

I've stopped writing for quite sometimes so hello again. It's not that I don't have anything to write but I was so engrossed in my grieves and other problems. So many things happened last year and I was lost for words since words were not enough to express my feelings at that time...Hope this new beginning of the year will open a new chapter in my life. I'm up to everything that life might have in store for me...