Monday, July 28, 2008

Something Wonderful

Yoohooo…I’m back!!! Lama gila tak update, nasib baik la blog ni virtual, kalu tak sure dah setimbun habuk ngan cobwebs berjela-jela. Bukannya dah bosan nak buat menda ni, but I don’t really have time….( cheewaahh… macam PM lak sibuk bebeno) Actually the past few days were really hectic. Had to entertain MI plus the back and forth journey to Tapah. Dalam masa-masa tu jugakla dapat demam selsema so memang tak de mood la nak sentuh pc…nak celik mata pun tak larat. Ni bila dah ok skit boleh la start balik…hmmm but where do I start? Some says good news is meant to be shared so lets begin with the good news! In the middle of the hectic and chaotic days I found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant. How do I feel? Ntah….honestly I don’t feel a thing, happy tak, tak suka pun tak jugak. Actually we don’t plan to have another kid at least till next year…tapi rezeki Tuhan, terima je la…I hope this time it’s going to be a girl. Kudin nak anak kembar and every day he prays for twin girls…(his mother has a twin brother and his sister got a pair of twin) Amboi-amboi, sedapnya mulut…! tak de hal kalau dia sanggup tolong mengandungkan yang seorang lagi tu! Ammar ‘s reaction? Ooo…ada baby baru lying dalam tummy mama! Nanti tummy mama gemuk macam dalam gambar tu kan?? When asked whether he wants a baby in our family he answered I want baby boy! Baby girl don’t want! Aiyooo…just imagine another one like Ammar. Mama boleh jadi cam lidi makan hati. Hmm…nampaknya banyak la plan yang kena review balik, and definitely I have to get a new baju raya. I’m sure my boyot tummy couldn’t fit into the dress Tu la…sibuk sangat takut orang pakai dulu sebab baju sama, last-last sendiri yang tak boleh pakai. Apa-apa pun I hope that the baby is well and everything is going to be fine. I am grateful for this “unexpected” gift and waiting for the wonderful days ahead.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Surprise! Surprise!!

Surprises spice things up in life! Though I normally an ardent believer in this, there comes certain circumstances where you find it abominable. A good example is to have unexpected guest who popped up unannounced on your door, least of all your Mother in Law. Seems like hubby never failed to surprise me with endless list of his guests of honor paying us a visit. Last nite at 12.30 a.m or should I say this very early morning he cordially mentioned that a friend is coming over on his way to Kuantan so we should have a little bit of tidying up to do here and there. Since everything is in order I don’t really take to heart about the guest. And just now he called me telling that mommy dearie is coming and she’s expected to arrive around 8.30. Suddenly the world around me is spinning wildly and I’m getting hysterical. I can feel it coming..yeah..!!! yeah!!! So how much time do I have to keep everything in places? Nampaknya terpaksa la jadi bionic woman and right away starts the marathon. Bukan apa takut nanti MIL kena heart palpitation pulak bila melangkah masuk ke rumah yang ala- ala pemenang casa impian ni!!! To add salt to the wound, I have to really crack my head and squeeze my brain to get it function properly so that I can think what to cook for dinner. Yup cooking...! though it sounds really unbelievable! Eating out? Forget it. Sebagai menantu mithali of course MIL would expect me to cook, and she’s not the type yang suka buang duit membazir makan kat luar. Dah la tak sedap, mahal dan sikit pulak tu!!! Itulah antara ayat-ayat keramat yang bakal keluar from mommy dearie. Neeenong…neeenong…help needed, wanted, or whatever vocabs that best described the chronic and critical situation I’m in right now. Right now I’m praying really hard that MIL would go straight to SIL’s house…further more it’s going to take about two hours more or less… to reach Tapah right??? Sure she doesn’t want to be late…and of course kena pujuk rayu hubby and give the most practical reason ever on why we should dine out and go straight to her sister’s. Unless if mommy dearie wants things the other way around. Oh Please God! Please grant my wish and I promise to be good for the rest of the month!!! Hehe..heh….Guess should stop now and start figure out where to begin with these noble duties!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Heart Wrenching Story

There was nothing more devastating than the news I just heard from my mother...Even the death of my late grandma didn't really tore my heart like this. I've been crying profusely since I got the news, seems like that's the only way I can let my feelings out. Husband is not around, and I don't want to bother him with my problem at his crucial moments of staging a play especially in front of the critics who's out looking for flaws. I can't imagine just how cruel poeple could be especilally when they're your own kin. Just this evening my mom called telling me about my dad yang nak bawa diri nak pergi duduk kat Langkawi. When my mom asked him why he broke drown and mom said nangis yang sungguh-sungguh macam orang yang patah hati. When asked again my dad answered because I don't want him anymore, sebab tu tak mau jaga dia. When asked where did he get this ridiculous idea, dia cakap ada orang bagitau. Kononnya anaknya ni dah buang dia kat kampung, pas tu hidup senang-lenang kat KL. Mana tak hancur hati ni bila dengar macam tu? Sampai hati betul orang yang cakap macam tu! I've never neglected my father, infact I can proudly say I've fulfilled my responsibilities as a daughter to my my dad. I've offered him to stay with me but he the only thing that I can do is to give financial support. I've specifically provide monthly allowance for him...tapi orang tak tau semua tu. I'm fully aware that in my dad's condition right now, this is really a terrible blow to him. Nothing can convince him the other way around. Now we are all worried about him, takut kalau-kalau dia keluar ikut hati nak pergi Langkawi, tak tau nak balik... mana nak cari? Orang ni memang tak pikir langsung problems yang dia dah imposed kat orang. Sakit hati kat mana? Kalau ada la my dad pernah mintak rokok ke, minum tak bayar ke, bagitau la...kitaorang boleh bayar...tak payah la buat cerita macam ni. Kesian my mom yang puas kena pujuk my dad suruh stay, jangan pergi Langkawi. He actually has formed a notion in his mind that somebody is waiting for him there...somebody who's willing to accept him...!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Prince Charming and the Maid

After being absent from the blog for quite sometimes I decided to write again. Not that I found this boring ( NO!NO!NO!) but the current state of mind plus my poor health (still suffering from flu and terrible cough) really drained me off. Nothing seems heavenly than sleeping. Now that I’m feeling much better in fact managed to cook lunch today – lala masak lemak cili api and terubuk baker…good enough for someone whose cooking skill is almost nil…;o) think I really should pet myself today, I managed to get most of the chores done too! Now I’m left with nothing to do ( ya right!) since husband got a final rehearsal tonight, the show is tomorrow and I don’t have the honor to be there since nobody is going to baby sit I wish the day care center would provide nightly baby sitting service…so I can really enjoy my nightlife he..heh… Talking about husband reminds me of an incident a few days ago. Since hubby has appeared in a quite well known tv program it has gained him the so called unwanted popularity. And so the people in my workplace notice that my husband is actually the fella who appeared on tv. One of my colleagues has just realized about this during the KAT festival while we were resting in the hostel. Amidst all the commotion somebody asked me to show the photo of my hubby and I did. The best part is when someone actually express her opinion out loud about us…SO DIA NI LA HUSBAND ENGKO…TAK MATCH LA!!! Wow!!! That’s the statement of the year I guess. And of course the tak match part she was referring to was actually me! When I told kudin about this he only smiled.. ya la… sebab orang puji dia, sampai kembang semangkuk dah lubang hidung…Then he asked me what did I say…What did I say? Nothing! Just pretending to laugh with the others to conceal the awkwardness. Well what would you say if someone says you’re not beautiful straight to your face???

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Little Bundle of Joy

So many things have been going on lately and none were pleasant enough to talk about. The deteriorating health condition is really a big turn off and a steaming workplace is a lethal combination to my currant mood. The short trip to my husband’s hometown failed to whip up the excitements except for little Ammar who enjoyed himself rotten. He immensely enjoyed the attention and being spoilt by Atuk Ayah and Atuk Mak. He got a chance to feed chickens and thoroughly enjoyed his adventure at the chicken den. His grandparents were so excited to show Ammar their backyard vegetable garden and at the same times asking the name of every single vegetable in the garden and he had a 'gala' day frolicking in the sun.
Listening to his conversation with his atuk ayah has prompted a broad smile especially when he atrociously gave answers to all questions he was asked like this:
Atuk Ayah : what’s this Ammar (pointing out to pumpkins)
AmmaR : (loud and clear) COCONUT !
Trying to keep a straight face I then pointed to him a bunch of coconuts and asked him “then what’s this? And he proudly answered MANGOESTEEN!. Even though we only stayed for the weekends it's nice to know that it is long enough to develop the bond between Ammar and Atuk Ayah. They were always together and it’s quite a sight seeing Ammar sitting next to my father in law, helping him to cut opak-opak…I’m glad that I’m not the type of person who slashed out the relationship between a grandfather and his grandson though we don’t visit them often. Seeing the joy Ammar brings to them made me realize just how lonely they are since most of the kids and their families lived far away and only visit them occasionaly. Well there’s no harm in bringing a little happiness to the elders I supposed.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Green Ugly Monster in the Closet

The thermometer of success is merely the jealousy of the malcontents

It has never crossed my mind that I have to carry the stigma of being a TESLian in the working world after leaving college ages ago. Strange that wherever we go people always label us problematic, overly socialized and at a certain point even scandalized. All the bad things are always associated with us who have English background having said of being “brained washed” by the western thinking and lifestyle. Funny that it happens to me again today after 8 years of joining the “so called” professional world. This afternoon our head of department suddenly came to visit us and she had a little chat with our KP. It seems like somebody or should I say everybody is not happy with our panel in almost everything I guess. What pissed me off is the childish act of whoever going on spreading venomous words to the big shots behind our back but at the same time pretending to be our friend. Betul la rambut sama hitam, tapi hati tak siapa tau. Orang yang ingat kawan pun boleh jadi lawan.Come on…takkan la small matters such as weekly outing ngan internet pun nak jadikan issue sampai nak kaitkan dengan hal kerja. Ye la…kononnya asyik berpoya-poya je sampai lupa tanggungjawab. Rasanya apa yang kita buat tak de ganggu sapa-sapa pun. May be sebab kita ni bukan jenis yang homely type, macam diaorang yang balik kerja terus masuk lubuk tak keluar-keluar dah. Tapi rasanya muka-muka ni yang kononnya hard core ni la yang selalu datang bila ada functions organized by the school, or doing the donkey jobs everytime ada functions. I remembered Wiweed and the gang sampai berkampung kat staff room abiskan kerja untuk satu majlis. I know my friends are the people yang tak pernah buat kerja cincai, tapi semua tu tak nampak sebab ditutupi flaws yang semua orang lain pun buat, tapi tak pernah kena apa-apa. Well may be because our panel is the most outstanding so all eyes and ears are on us. Orang yang cakap-cakap belakang ni rasanya nak buat apa yang kita buat tapi tak terdaya, mungkin tu sebabnya asyik cari dia rasa even.
To these people lebih baik improve ourselves daripada sibuk cari flaws orang lain so that we'll become a better person.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Life Goes On

Not really in the mood for writing, still suffering the terrible flu and headache... well it comes in a package right. Just drop by to see what's the other half of the world is doing, thought need the diversion to keep me sane...heh..heh...There were a lot of things going on last two days which have added mountains to the degree of my headaches. Mom called telling me about dad's conditions which seem to be worsen day by day and this has resulted the new worries to creep in. It was such a heart break hearing that dad was actually cried when he asked my mom to take him to see me here. Said he really wanted to see me and his grandson. It's very strange since I'm not really close to my father may be due to his strict manners when dealing with us all, so we were closer to mom instead and turn to her for everything. Come to think of it, we seldom had decent conversations except when we had something really important or serious matters that need to be discussed.When I asked my mom whether we should grant his wish well i'm afraid that this could be the last wish, but refused to think about it for the time said she managed to persuade dad to wait until the next school holidays. Hubby were all ears when I cried for no reason and poured my heart out. All these make me realize one thing, no matter how bad you want your dad or your husband to be like others' they are still the best, despite their flaws and all. I'm very grateful to be blessed with such a caring and loving husband, though sometimes he irritates me, who stayed all night tending me when I was running down with fever. I still have a father who loves me in his own way though may be he's not that expressive, but I know that I would never change their place for anything else in the world.