Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Little Bundle of Joy

So many things have been going on lately and none were pleasant enough to talk about. The deteriorating health condition is really a big turn off and a steaming workplace is a lethal combination to my currant mood. The short trip to my husband’s hometown failed to whip up the excitements except for little Ammar who enjoyed himself rotten. He immensely enjoyed the attention and being spoilt by Atuk Ayah and Atuk Mak. He got a chance to feed chickens and thoroughly enjoyed his adventure at the chicken den. His grandparents were so excited to show Ammar their backyard vegetable garden and at the same times asking the name of every single vegetable in the garden and he had a 'gala' day frolicking in the sun.
Listening to his conversation with his atuk ayah has prompted a broad smile especially when he atrociously gave answers to all questions he was asked like this:
Atuk Ayah : what’s this Ammar (pointing out to pumpkins)
AmmaR : (loud and clear) COCONUT !
Trying to keep a straight face I then pointed to him a bunch of coconuts and asked him “then what’s this? And he proudly answered MANGOESTEEN!. Even though we only stayed for the weekends it's nice to know that it is long enough to develop the bond between Ammar and Atuk Ayah. They were always together and it’s quite a sight seeing Ammar sitting next to my father in law, helping him to cut opak-opak…I’m glad that I’m not the type of person who slashed out the relationship between a grandfather and his grandson though we don’t visit them often. Seeing the joy Ammar brings to them made me realize just how lonely they are since most of the kids and their families lived far away and only visit them occasionaly. Well there’s no harm in bringing a little happiness to the elders I supposed.

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