Monday, July 14, 2008

Heart Wrenching Story

There was nothing more devastating than the news I just heard from my mother...Even the death of my late grandma didn't really tore my heart like this. I've been crying profusely since I got the news, seems like that's the only way I can let my feelings out. Husband is not around, and I don't want to bother him with my problem at his crucial moments of staging a play especially in front of the critics who's out looking for flaws. I can't imagine just how cruel poeple could be especilally when they're your own kin. Just this evening my mom called telling me about my dad yang nak bawa diri nak pergi duduk kat Langkawi. When my mom asked him why he broke drown and mom said nangis yang sungguh-sungguh macam orang yang patah hati. When asked again my dad answered because I don't want him anymore, sebab tu tak mau jaga dia. When asked where did he get this ridiculous idea, dia cakap ada orang bagitau. Kononnya anaknya ni dah buang dia kat kampung, pas tu hidup senang-lenang kat KL. Mana tak hancur hati ni bila dengar macam tu? Sampai hati betul orang yang cakap macam tu! I've never neglected my father, infact I can proudly say I've fulfilled my responsibilities as a daughter to my my dad. I've offered him to stay with me but he the only thing that I can do is to give financial support. I've specifically provide monthly allowance for him...tapi orang tak tau semua tu. I'm fully aware that in my dad's condition right now, this is really a terrible blow to him. Nothing can convince him the other way around. Now we are all worried about him, takut kalau-kalau dia keluar ikut hati nak pergi Langkawi, tak tau nak balik... mana nak cari? Orang ni memang tak pikir langsung problems yang dia dah imposed kat orang. Sakit hati kat mana? Kalau ada la my dad pernah mintak rokok ke, minum tak bayar ke, bagitau la...kitaorang boleh bayar...tak payah la buat cerita macam ni. Kesian my mom yang puas kena pujuk my dad suruh stay, jangan pergi Langkawi. He actually has formed a notion in his mind that somebody is waiting for him there...somebody who's willing to accept him...!

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