Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Life Goes On

Not really in the mood for writing, still suffering the terrible flu and headache... well it comes in a package right. Just drop by to see what's the other half of the world is doing, thought need the diversion to keep me sane...heh..heh...There were a lot of things going on last two days which have added mountains to the degree of my headaches. Mom called telling me about dad's conditions which seem to be worsen day by day and this has resulted the new worries to creep in. It was such a heart break hearing that dad was actually cried when he asked my mom to take him to see me here. Said he really wanted to see me and his grandson. It's very strange since I'm not really close to my father may be due to his strict manners when dealing with us all, so we were closer to mom instead and turn to her for everything. Come to think of it, we seldom had decent conversations except when we had something really important or serious matters that need to be discussed.When I asked my mom whether we should grant his wish well i'm afraid that this could be the last wish, but refused to think about it for the time being...mom said she managed to persuade dad to wait until the next school holidays. Hubby were all ears when I cried for no reason and poured my heart out. All these make me realize one thing, no matter how bad you want your dad or your husband to be like others' they are still the best, despite their flaws and all. I'm very grateful to be blessed with such a caring and loving husband, though sometimes he irritates me, who stayed all night tending me when I was running down with fever. I still have a father who loves me in his own way though may be he's not that expressive, but I know that I would never change their place for anything else in the world.

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