Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Green Ugly Monster in the Closet

The thermometer of success is merely the jealousy of the malcontents

It has never crossed my mind that I have to carry the stigma of being a TESLian in the working world after leaving college ages ago. Strange that wherever we go people always label us problematic, overly socialized and at a certain point even scandalized. All the bad things are always associated with us who have English background having said of being “brained washed” by the western thinking and lifestyle. Funny that it happens to me again today after 8 years of joining the “so called” professional world. This afternoon our head of department suddenly came to visit us and she had a little chat with our KP. It seems like somebody or should I say everybody is not happy with our panel in almost everything I guess. What pissed me off is the childish act of whoever going on spreading venomous words to the big shots behind our back but at the same time pretending to be our friend. Betul la rambut sama hitam, tapi hati tak siapa tau. Orang yang ingat kawan pun boleh jadi lawan.Come on…takkan la small matters such as weekly outing ngan internet pun nak jadikan issue sampai nak kaitkan dengan hal kerja. Ye la…kononnya asyik berpoya-poya je sampai lupa tanggungjawab. Rasanya apa yang kita buat tak de ganggu sapa-sapa pun. May be sebab kita ni bukan jenis yang homely type, macam diaorang yang balik kerja terus masuk lubuk tak keluar-keluar dah. Tapi rasanya muka-muka ni yang kononnya hard core ni la yang selalu datang bila ada functions organized by the school, or doing the donkey jobs everytime ada functions. I remembered Wiweed and the gang sampai berkampung kat staff room abiskan kerja untuk satu majlis. I know my friends are the people yang tak pernah buat kerja cincai, tapi semua tu tak nampak sebab ditutupi flaws yang semua orang lain pun buat, tapi tak pernah kena apa-apa. Well may be because our panel is the most outstanding so all eyes and ears are on us. Orang yang cakap-cakap belakang ni rasanya nak buat apa yang kita buat tapi tak terdaya, mungkin tu sebabnya asyik cari dia rasa even.
To these people lebih baik improve ourselves daripada sibuk cari flaws orang lain so that we'll become a better person.

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