Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Surprise! Surprise!!

Surprises spice things up in life! Though I normally an ardent believer in this, there comes certain circumstances where you find it abominable. A good example is to have unexpected guest who popped up unannounced on your door, least of all your Mother in Law. Seems like hubby never failed to surprise me with endless list of his guests of honor paying us a visit. Last nite at 12.30 a.m or should I say this very early morning he cordially mentioned that a friend is coming over on his way to Kuantan so we should have a little bit of tidying up to do here and there. Since everything is in order I don’t really take to heart about the guest. And just now he called me telling that mommy dearie is coming and she’s expected to arrive around 8.30. Suddenly the world around me is spinning wildly and I’m getting hysterical. I can feel it coming..yeah..!!! yeah!!! So how much time do I have to keep everything in places? Nampaknya terpaksa la jadi bionic woman and right away starts the marathon. Bukan apa takut nanti MIL kena heart palpitation pulak bila melangkah masuk ke rumah yang ala- ala pemenang casa impian ni!!! To add salt to the wound, I have to really crack my head and squeeze my brain to get it function properly so that I can think what to cook for dinner. Yup cooking...! though it sounds really unbelievable! Eating out? Forget it. Sebagai menantu mithali of course MIL would expect me to cook, and she’s not the type yang suka buang duit membazir makan kat luar. Dah la tak sedap, mahal dan sikit pulak tu!!! Itulah antara ayat-ayat keramat yang bakal keluar from mommy dearie. Neeenong…neeenong…help needed, wanted, or whatever vocabs that best described the chronic and critical situation I’m in right now. Right now I’m praying really hard that MIL would go straight to SIL’s house…further more it’s going to take about two hours more or less… to reach Tapah right??? Sure she doesn’t want to be late…and of course kena pujuk rayu hubby and give the most practical reason ever on why we should dine out and go straight to her sister’s. Unless if mommy dearie wants things the other way around. Oh Please God! Please grant my wish and I promise to be good for the rest of the month!!! Hehe..heh….Guess should stop now and start figure out where to begin with these noble duties!!!

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