Sunday, July 13, 2008

Prince Charming and the Maid

After being absent from the blog for quite sometimes I decided to write again. Not that I found this boring ( NO!NO!NO!) but the current state of mind plus my poor health (still suffering from flu and terrible cough) really drained me off. Nothing seems heavenly than sleeping. Now that I’m feeling much better in fact managed to cook lunch today – lala masak lemak cili api and terubuk baker…good enough for someone whose cooking skill is almost nil…;o) think I really should pet myself today, I managed to get most of the chores done too! Now I’m left with nothing to do ( ya right!) since husband got a final rehearsal tonight, the show is tomorrow and I don’t have the honor to be there since nobody is going to baby sit I wish the day care center would provide nightly baby sitting service…so I can really enjoy my nightlife he..heh… Talking about husband reminds me of an incident a few days ago. Since hubby has appeared in a quite well known tv program it has gained him the so called unwanted popularity. And so the people in my workplace notice that my husband is actually the fella who appeared on tv. One of my colleagues has just realized about this during the KAT festival while we were resting in the hostel. Amidst all the commotion somebody asked me to show the photo of my hubby and I did. The best part is when someone actually express her opinion out loud about us…SO DIA NI LA HUSBAND ENGKO…TAK MATCH LA!!! Wow!!! That’s the statement of the year I guess. And of course the tak match part she was referring to was actually me! When I told kudin about this he only smiled.. ya la… sebab orang puji dia, sampai kembang semangkuk dah lubang hidung…Then he asked me what did I say…What did I say? Nothing! Just pretending to laugh with the others to conceal the awkwardness. Well what would you say if someone says you’re not beautiful straight to your face???


Shidah said...

Dear Arnie,
Allah knows best when he matched two lucky people together. You and Kudin has so much to go through together. Mulut orang, dik. Jangan pakai sangat. Itu baru lahiriah tapi apa-apa pun batiniah mesti match, betul tak? LOL.

ANIQ said...

Siapa tuh? meh aku tolong cili mulut dia..ha ha ha...tangan aku sekarang tengah gatal mencili mulut org nih!
I agree with k., their own spouse pun bukan match depa - agaknyer laki dia lagi menderita tahan mulut bini macam tu...I'm sorry for being celupar but seriously, these people weren't being raised to be tact with their manners and words. Hopefully God keeps us aware of our own manners as to not be in their league.
Anyway, I don't think Kudin deserves a better partner, wife and mother to his children than you!

arnieariffin said...

thanks pals...but actually somebody mentioned that i'm being overly sensitive about this or may be i'm too paranoid (fav word these days) she said actually that lady said 'lawak' but i heard 'lawa' so nampaknya i kena apologize la kat org tu...sian sampai nak kena cili hehe..heh..