Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One Day With A Maid

It has been ages since last time I wrote here. Well the pregnancy made me too lazy too write plus all the complications that came with it. So now the is ordeal over and I'm up to write alot of catching up to do. Actually I want to write about something else but reading a friend's blog has prompted me to write about the problem I'm facing with right now...It's my MAID. For the record I just picked her up last Sunday and she was so excited to get started to work. Later her enthusiasm was slowly fading out and she started to twist her ankle every now and then. Last night at dinner time she told my husband that she wanted to go back to Indon to cure her broken leg. she forgot to tell the agent that she got a broken leg, and came to Malaysia thinking that everything would be ok. Who knows suddenly the leg is throbbing and she fesls numb. I called the agent telling her the problem and she had a private chat with the maid but she insisted to go back to Indon. Today while cooking I had a little chat with her, asking her about her background etc. I told her if she go back I cannot afford to wait for her bcoz i need a maid urgently and promise to send her this evening. Her face automatically lift up and she suddenly become chatty. Tonight when hubby called and tell me that we would send her tomorrow so we could get a replacement, she suddenly limping, telling me that her leg is aching. She refused to eat and locked hersel in the bedroom. That's it! Enough is enough! tomorrow I'm going to send her packing before I got anymore problem. It's very clear that she doesn't want to work and there's no point keepin her. what a terrible first encounter with a maid. May be I myself should be the maid afterall.


BabyMomma said...

welcome to maid trouble. I had 5 maid exchanges till I finally settle on my current 1. Kena tipu duit, lari dari rumah, fear of being robbed..etc etc....but just pray that you'll get a good one. Insya-Allah. :) Good luck.

arnieariffin said...

hmmm...I've heard all sort of telltales about maid.Rasa serik nak ambik pun ada but i really need one. Thanks...hopefully this coming maid will give me less trouble