Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Ammar

It’s Ammar’s Birthday! Finally he got the chance of celebrating his own birthday…he has been asking for his birthday for ages especially when he got goodie bag from one of his friends who celebrates birthday at the nursery. Actually his birthday falls on Sunday, so his dad suggested that we postpone the party to Monday so that he could have celebrated it with his friends. Trying to please him, I tried to accommodate him by granting his every wish. With that comes a terrible headache of finding an ‘ultraman birthday cake for his little party. Thank goodness he finally settled on ‘pokemon’ when we couldn’t get him the ‘spongebob’ cake (thanks to the lady at the cake house). But it was well paid off when I saw Ammar’s happy face and his excitement at his little party. It wasn’t that perfect but he kept telling every body that it was his birthday!!! That night dad took us to Ammar’s favorite restaurant for dinner..thanks dad…I’m glad that we’ve made him happy and that is what really matters.

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BabyMomma said...

Hey, happy birthday Ammar! Suka Ultraman yea? Kalau Anty jumpa nanti Aunty beli.. he he he
Nice cake!