Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The beginning of my new moronic moment...

Well I'm starting a new blog. It seems like the one I'm currently using is not interesting enough (may be it's me who doesn't really know how to make it interesting ;p). I was brousing my friends' when I realized that thiers are more colorful than mine! So asked them how to make mine as interesting as theirs, my friends said try add some accessories to my blog and I tried it staright away. To my disappoinment my blog is listed as 'unfriendly' and I can't use the items provided. (well I tried to get a clock for my blog). Again...the feeling of being left out is really eating me up, so withouit wasting anymore of my precious time (my son is going to be abck home at 6.30) I start to construct a new the same place where my friends are!!! ;0)

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