Friday, May 16, 2008


16 May is special because it is a day specially dedicated to all teachers. Today is a day to honor and appreciate the teachers for all their wonderful jobs of nurturing and educating the 'future leaders of the country'.! How far is the truth of the statement? When I recalled the memory of my younger days, when I was in school (especially in the primary) Teacher's Day was the most anticipated events in the school calender. Even though we were too young or too small actually ;o) to understand what was it about,we definitely didn't want to miss it. THE GIFTS were the most important elements of the celebration whereby each of us would try to find something for every teacher no matter how small or ridiculous it was. Brought up in a kampung, I recalled that half of my classmates didn't bring money to school, only food from home to fill their bellies. "Miskin harta tetapi kaya budi bahasa". I believe this is the most appropriate way to describe them. None of them turned empty handed on the Teacher's Day. They took whatever that they could from home; soaps, mosquito coils, detergents,etc. this 1will always stick on my mind; a boy brought small bulks wrapped in newspaper to school and we asked him what were those things. "I had nothing to offer the teacher so picked some mangoes and wrapped them for the teachers. It sounded ridiculous at that time but now i realized that was the most wonderful gift in the world! Things are different now and the kids nowadays think that teachers are not important enough to be given a thought. No celebration, no cards...Gifts? well you are lucky enough if the students wish you a happy teacher's day. The most highly expectecd gift is "Hari guru??" "Eh hari ni ke?" only the teachers undersatnd the feeling of other teachers. Thanks alot to dear friends who kindly had a little but wonderful celebration for us. you guys really made up my day!!! :o)

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