Friday, August 15, 2008

"The Bibik And I"

As my relatives are expected to arrive tomorrow evening, the house needs to be super clean and neat. ( they’re here for the wedding…three families are coming). Due to the house’s critical condition kudin decided to ask a maid to come and perform her magic to get everything in place. Hmmm…that was the brightest idea from him so far and I agreed in no time. So here she comes…looking rather frail and fragile ( she’s so thin and small). Guess she’s in her mid 20s though she looks older than that. Kudin went out for shooting so here I am…trying to give orders to a maid for the first time. Wheww…nampaknya memang tak berbakat nak jadi mem…every time I ask her to do the house chores I begin my sentence with “boleh tak tolong…” Kudin kept calling every 15 minutes to know the progress and when I mentioned this to him he said kalau dia kata tak nak you nak cakap apa? Suruh je la..kita bayar dia, bukan mintak tolong sesaje…taking the words to heart I was all set to see that everything is done to perfection. But after her third chores I actually asked her to stop and I nicely offered her coke! Ok la kan atas dasar peri kemanusiaan…tak sampai hati pulak tengok dia berpeluh-peluh, memang patutla kalau offer air pun kan…Bila dia start lipat kain yang bertimbun-timbun tu tetiba je mulut ni lancar je keluar, ‘yang baju kurung semua tu tak payah lipat ye, awak masuk bakul je saya buat sendiri, awak lipat yang lain-lain tu sudah”. Then I turun ambik penyapu dan sapu bilik and kemas everything so dia tak payah buat. Hmmm…how was that? Before she calls it a day, I asked her to put aside baju-baju yang dah tak nak dipakai so senang nak masuk kotak nanti. Wait…daripada simpan baik bagi dia kan…so I asked the bibik to chose any baju that she likes bawak balik. Something wrong with me? Kalau macam ni gayanya macam mana nak ada maid. Silap-silap nanti kita yang jadi maid, dia goyang kaki…

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