Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What's the Story Morning Glory...

Here am again...alast I've emerged from the cave to see civilization. Still I've to put up with terrible headaches and nausea put the blame on the pregnancy...well this is partly true. Ntahla dalam -dalam dok lembik ni sempat gak berpoya-poya during the weekends. First the wedding on Saturday night...though I'm practically in a delicate condition I managed to attend a wedding - Kudin's cousin whom he never met before. Actually we went to the wrong venue which happened to be next to the actual wedding. Dalam jalan terkepit-terkepit sebab pakai kasut tumit tinggi I realized that all of the guests looked different from us...and different colors too. Nasib baik la Dr. Kudin pergi intai kat entrance dulu sebelum masuk hall, rupanya Ramaiyyah weds Kaliammah. He..he...patutla lain macam! But we managed to get to right venue and made our grand entrance. I survived through the night...putting up pretty smiles and having civilize conversations with all the unfamiliar relatives. The next day was my day! I managed to drag hubby baby to watch a belly dancing show. My friend's daughter (forgive my husband's ignorance) did her first performance and we were there to give support. It was magnificient and we enjoyed it. Tapi tu la orang tua-tua cakap seronok sangat jadi tak seronok. Monday morning I didn't feel like going to work. Perut sakit , badan rasa lembik semacam je. I decided to be self indulged and took a day off. Sejak dua menjak ni I hate going to school. Everymorning I have to drag myself out of bed. Tapi dok rumah pun pening gak...En kudin dok kemas barang dari pagi sampi petang tak abis-abis. Habis sume barang Ammar masa baby dulu dipunggah keluar. Buat persediaan kononnya. Now the hall dah bertukar jadi stor tempat letak buai, play mat etc...Suka hati la labu! Penat nak layan ...ada lebih kurang 7 bulan lagi nak bersiap sedia!

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