Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tales of Bureaucracy

School holidays are over and reading my friends’ blog has given me the notion that everybody had a wonderful time. As for me it wasn’t really bad, just that I didn’t manage to go back to my hometown due to the time constraint plus hubby’s tight schedules. But the family gathering has made up for the loss…though it was quite tiring experience with the wedding and entertaining…it was worth it. During the gathering I got the chance to meet the long lost relatives. When I saw tears in my grandma’s eyes when she met with her brothers and sisters it was a very touching moment. Hmm… tiga hari my family ada kat sini boleh jadi mabuk kari…everyday kena masak kari, eating out pun kena cari nasi kandar kat pelita…tapi bukan itu yang nak cerita sangat pun, tu selingan je. Sebenarnya I was so piss off with all the red tapes that I had to go through just to buy a small cheap car using a government loan (this is the real cause I couldn’t balik kampung). I got a phone call from treasury department regarding my application forms, seems like there was a part in the agreement which was incomplete. So I had to go all the way to Putrajaya to get the forms and it so happened that my boss didn’t sign at the witness section. Well he’s not really to blame since it was stated there nama dan jawatan only. The lady in charged said I had to ask the distributor to produce a new letter since they can only release the money in September and there’s one particular word yang buat surat tu tak diterima “bila-bila masa”. Tak taula apa dosanya perkataan tu and hey it’s not my fault duit tu kena release in September…I sent the application in July. And yesterday I managed to get everything done and shot to Putrajaya again only to be given a notion that I’ll only get the money in October…after raya of course! Come on! It’s not yet September and I have to wait about a month kononnya dah terlepas tarikh..tak sempat sesangat nak squzee in untuk September. And guess what…kena mintak surat baru change the month from September to October..ha..hah…Kudin bengang gile…katanya nak dapat kereta sebijik pun teruk, tu pun kereta cikai je..bukannya apply nak beli BMW pun. Yela nak buat macam mana..dah nak mintak duit dia kena la tunggu jugak setahun pun. Since we really need the car terpaksa la mengemis jugak sebab dah takde cara lain lagi dah.

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