Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Truth Does Hurt

So many things have been going on last week. My deteriorating health conditions didn’t allow me to do much. Amidst all the headaches and nausea, I tried my best to give commitments to works and other responsibilities expected from me. Though I’m not normally the touching type over petty things especially, but I can’t help feeling rather sad and bitter about several incidents. I’m not saying that I’m really a nice person but most of the time I try to be helpful to others in any way I could. And what do I get in return? Okay so I’m used to not being appreciated or hearing a simple thank you for the deeds I’ve done but being ignored when asking a favour during your bad time entitled me to a feeling of bitterness and resentment I guess. Why the favour I was asking for was nothing compared to what I’m going through right now…and to think that I’ve done most of her job on her behalf…Ok somebody said I got all mushy just for a petty thing, and hey somebody pointed out that it’s all because of this pregnancy. May be they’re right ! But how would you feel if somebody said that you’re using your newly acquired condition as an excuse for not doing your jobs or shunning out your responsibilities??? Hey I’m just a normal human being…flesh and blood who happens to have feelings. Do they seriously think that I made things up…thing as serious as threatened abortion? I don’t ask for this to happen and I don’t ask for the extraordinary treatment due to my condition. All I ask for is a little bit of understanding and consideration. That’s all!

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