Saturday, June 14, 2008

Family Hour

Today is fully dedicated to family...since i've finally done with the school works ( yah right!). So I decided to do a spring cleaning and also the other unfinished chores which I've abandoned for quite sometimes. It's the first time ever that there's no outing on Saturday, not even for breakfast or lunch (the tremendous effect of the fuel hike) Today I'm the most dedicated wife and mother since I cooked lunch and dinner for my beloved family and it has prompted a comment from my beloved husband 'wah...isteri mithali la hari ni, boleh dapat syurga dah nih"...heh..heh...:o) Kudin decided to handle the entertainment part, so right after lunch he started the karaoke session...non stop till dusk. I took the opportutiny lepas gian n lepas geram melalak sampai petang, tak dapat pergi red box kat umah pun jadi la...;op Dah penat sangat agaknya Ammar sleeps early tonight, so bolehla mama spend time kat pc pulak...dan yang paling penting tanpa gangguan so I'm really gonna spoil myself rotten hih..hih...;op. feels good not to have to do anything once in a while huh...:o)

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