Thursday, June 5, 2008

Walking Down Memory Lane

When I was scouring through my things at my mom’s I accidentally found these old photos…Actually I found three album full of my childhood photos but I only managed to kidnapped only these. Well those photos bring me to a journey of my childhood memories. Even though it was 30 years ago (gosh…the number seems very ancient and suddenly I just realized how old I am really…;op) it happened as if it was only yesterday. All the happy moments- birthday parties, hari raya , trips, toys and the people I love- my grandparents are all in mind. Well being the first child 9 and also first granddaughter and niece) is a big advantage. You become the center of attention. I remember that I used to have a play room stuffed with toys a child ever dream of, you name it. Well being and only child was not all bed of roses. My grandmother was very possessive, I hardly had a playmate or friends. She would ask only the ‘approved’ girls to come and play with for a couple of hours and only at My HOUSE WITH HER SUPERVISION.


ANIQ said...

astagfirulllah! (aniq-style)
awat comot dan cute bebenor! cheeky look macam amar la..teringat amar menari bogel kat depan i sambil mencuba menguak mata i yang nak tidur masa i tumpang kat rumah u sat! hahaha

arnieariffin said...

Ok...nanti kita compare tengok...and i pray that you'll see your own little bogel baby soon...:o)