Sunday, June 8, 2008

The ticking hours

My marking has not shown so much progress though I'm supposed to speed things up since tomorrow is the dateline. In fact I'm taking my own sweet time, and of course managed to squeeze in 'few minutes' for blogging...:o) Guess i need a break (yah right...)It's not my fault i guess, it's just that the bad handwritings or it could also be the bad writings are really eating me up.Well perhaps everything related to marking is just BAD this case i think i'm not alone. I have frinds calling asking about this marking thing since these last few days. Just this afternoon my friend A called frantically asking for answer schemes since she has misplaced hers. Hmmm...what should i say? Welcome to the club bebe! All i know is i'm going to be in hell for the next coming hours madly trying to get the marking done ( i doubt i really can make it, but let put it this way...i'll try to get it done as many scripts as possibe...just to be positive:op) well as my friend usually says "my life is such a beserk..." :op

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