Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Since today is a father's day, I decided to treat my husband with a special dinner at a restaurant of his choice.After going through endless lists of possibly nice places, he finally settled for a Moroccan restaurant al -Maghreb. He wanted to try the food and the place looks great though initially ammar refused to dine there because he thought it was a mosque. The reastaurant has such a nice ambience and it's really cozy. Kudin ordered couscous with lamb and turkish coffee, so much for the adventure of trying various kind of food huh...;op as for me I've learned my lesson well so I chose chicken and mango juice eventhough the manager himself reccommended moroccan cocktail...better stay away from the word cocktail this time ;op! While waiting for our food I asked Ammar to wish happy father's day to his dad. Instead he wish "happy birthday dadad...!".I told him it's a fther's day not birthday but he refused to believe me. After the third time convincing him, he finally spit out "happy day dadad...!".As if to support his thinking a group of foreign students next to our table were actually celebrating their friend's birthday and they started to sing a birthday song. Guess beloved son merrily joined them singing. When that was done he sang a happy birthday song on top of his lung to his beloved dad. So there goes the father's day special dinner....:o)

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