Thursday, June 12, 2008

we need to party...

It's good to be back after the 'short break'...finally hubby bubby is tired of my ongoing whining and complaining of him conquering the pc ( he finally gave in ;o) I'm so anxious to update my blog especially a friend has taught me how to edit pictures. She also taught me about fotopages, so lagi berkobar-kobar la teman... :o) So i grabbed this golden opportunity to browse through my friends' blog to cath up what i've missed. Seems like everybody is so engrossed in this marking bussiness that most of them don't have time to write, except for KS who is sooo happy with her recent accomplishment of getting rid of the exam papers...;o) Well I understand the feelings since i know how it felt to be possed by the 'marking demon'. Hmmm... i guess a little celebration is in order...a girls' day out won't cause any harm right???

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